Why the name MNIMALIST? What is “Minimalist” about a clothing company?

The name derives from our love of Minnesota and Minimalism. We combined the two and turned Minimalism into MNimalism!


All the designs celebrate MN and the simple things that make our state so great.

We believe in supporting small, local companies whenever possible and keeping our money in the community.

10% of all proceeds go to one of 12 MN environmental charities YOU choose from at check out.


Minimalist design: Our logo and lettering is influenced by Scandinavian minimalist design. The lettering was inspired by Scandi modern Minimalist design and reduces the M and N to their simplest forms. The state logo breaks our boundaries down into 4 simple triangles. 


100% recycled shirts are made from discarded water bottles and salvaged cotton.

Printing process eliminates plastic packaging (shipped in cardboard boxes with no plastic wrap).

Every decision we make is based on having a minimal impact on the environment.


We believe in quality over quantity, and spending your time, energy and money on the few things that truly bring you joy. When you buy a MNIMALIST shirt or hat, you are purchasing something of the highest quality and simple timeless design that you can wear for a long time. 

We would love it if everyone donated an older piece of clothing they no longer wear when purchasing one of our items in order to simplify their wardrobe and help someone else in the process.

This is a journey for us so we are constantly working to improve our sustainability and impact on this great state. We hope you join us in this journey.  

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