It started with an idea in the Dallas-Ft Worth international airport.  Every shop seemed to have a "Don't Mess with Texas" shirt or bumper sticker.  Why couldn't Minnesota have similar bravado? This is such an amazing place with so much to offer, but our Minnesota Modesty often prevents us from bragging about our home.  I wanted to do something to change this.  From this, the idea of MNimalist Goods was formed.  

I have a deep love for our home state and have grown up spending vacations in all parts of Minnesota.  I wanted to do something to show pride for our state with a wink to classic Minnesota Nice, and realized we could use it as a springboard to raise money for organizations that help make this state so great. With every order, you select which Minnesota environmental charity you would like to help support and at least 10% of all sales go to these charities

After some good (and some not so good) ideas for what to name the company, one name stuck- MNimalist.  It represents everything I wanted to do with the company.  The name MNimalist derives from a love of Minnesota and Minimalism, so the two were combined and Minimalism turned into MNimalism!  There are 3 core tenets of MNimalism:

  • ❤️ Minnesota Love: a portion of all sales go to MN environmental charities.
  • Minimalist design: Scandinavian-influenced Minimalist design.
  • ♻️ Minimal Impact: Shirts & hats made from eco-friendly and/or 100% recycled materials. Every decision we make, from production to shipping, is based on having a minimal impact on the environment.

MNimalism is for people who believe less is more.  Quality is more important than quantity.  There is beauty and happiness in simplicity, and that Minnesota is the best place to be and we must do whatever it takes to protect it. 

We believe in quality over quantity, and spending your time, energy and money on the few things that truly bring you joy. When you buy a MNimalist shirt or hat, you are purchasing something of the highest quality and simple timeless design that you can wear for a long time. We would love it if everyone donated an older piece of clothing they no longer wear when purchasing one of our items in order to simplify their wardrobe and help someone else in the process.

Don't mess with Minnesota, please.  It's a bold statement with a little Minnesota Nice thrown in.  We're here to protect Minnesota's natural beauty and will do whatever it takes- if that's okay with you. 

Thank you for your support,