Don't mess with Minnesota, please.  It's a bold statement with a little Minnesota Nice thrown in.  We're here to protect Minnesota's natural beauty and will do whatever it takes- if that's okay with you. 

It started with an idea in the Dallas-Ft Worth international airport.  Every shop seemed to have a "Don't Mess with Texas" shirt or bumper sticker.  Why couldn't Minnesota have similar bravado? From this, the idea of MNIMALIST goods was formed.  MNIMALIST represents many things: minimalist design, working to have a minimal impact on the environment, and simply enjoying the simple things that make Minnesota great.  

This website is all about celebrating Minnesota- from its lakes and natural parks to the many artists and creative people that inhabit its borders. A portion of all profits goes to causes that support protecting MN and its natural resources.

Our founders, Brian & Amanda, have a deep love for their home state and have grown up spending their vacations in all parts of Minnesota.  They wanted to do something to show pride for their state with a wink to classic Minnesota Nice, and use it as a springboard to help raise money for organizations that help make this state so great. 

While traveling the country as a sales representative, Brian often found himself in conversations with people who only thought of Minnesota as a cold, frozen tundra filled with people who talk with funny accents.  He realized he was constantly giving a passionate elevator pitch around what makes Minnesota such a great place to live and raise a family, so wanted to do something to show this pride and give back to help protect what makes it so great.  Amanda fondly remembers spending summer vacation with her father and sister in Lake Itasca State Park, a tradition the sisters are passing on to their own children.  Brian spent his childhood summers in nearby Park Rapids, MN visiting his grandma's house on one of Minnesota's many beautiful lakes, so this part of the state holds extra significance with the couple, and is why Friends of the Headwaters is the default charity of MNIMALIST

All products are designed in Minnesota, and printed and fulfilled in the United Sates.  

For every purchase, 10% of proceeds is donated to a Minnesota charity of your choice.  When you check out with one of our products, you select which MN-based charity you would like a portion of the proceeds donated to from a drop-down menu.  If you don't select a different charity, then we will automatically donate 10% of proceeds from your order to Friends of the Headwaters. 

If you are part of a Minnesota-based charity organization or have a recommendation for someone we should partner with to raise money, please send us an email to let us know!

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Minneapolis, MN