Slow Fashion and how it can improve your life and the planet.

MNIMALIST is heavily influenced by the "Slow Fashion" movement, and we aspire to create Minnesota shirts, hats and sweatshirts made in responsible, sustainable ways that can be your go-to clothing staples for years to come. 

Slow fashion is all about quality products with season-less designs that are meant to be worn for a long time, and is a response to "Fast Fashion" which focuses on inexpensive ways to produce clothing in line with the latest trends. The Slow Fashion approach “slows down” the production chain, helps workers achieve higher wages, and provides the consumer with higher quality products. This can greatly reduce waste as less is purchased, and what is purchased is kept for longer periods of time rather than thrown out.

A major component of Minimalism is limiting your wardrobe to those things that are functional, timeless and make you happy. We love Marie Kondo’s minimalist philosophies and her bestseller, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” encourages readers to get rid of these Fast Fashion pieces you only wear a few times, and keep only the garments that “spark joy.”  We couldn't agree more.

Anupama Pasricha, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Apparel, Merchandising and Design at St Catherine University (AND one of our founder Amanda’s former professors!). As Dr Pasricha puts it, fast fashion impacts our environment like fast food impacts our health. A “closet filling up with cheap fast fashion clothes is like getting fat on fast food.” Her advice to slow down fashion is to buy quality and buy thoughtfully. “Buy something you really want or need. Ask yourself- is it supporting a local business? Will it make you happy for a short period of time after the purchase or will it give you a greater sense of well-being and contentment?” To us, this is the best advice of all. If we are willing to speak with our purchases and choices, consumers can be the key drivers in forcing the fashion industry to change its ways towards more sustainable and fair methods. With Professors this smart, it’s no wonder Amanda learned so much at St Kate’s!

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