Bold but Nice


                             The next generation at one of our favorite spots in the world- Lake Itasca.

We are excited to launch "Don't Mess with Minnesota, Please" and our Minnesota-themed apparel and accessories!

We are just your average couple born and raised in Minnesota who wanted to do something to show pride for our home state and give back in the process. We loved the idea of something bold but with a wink to classic Minnesota Nice, hence the theme "Don't Mess with Minnesota, Please."  After doing some research, we learned the original "Don't Mess with Texas" campaign was an anti-littering campaign, so we knew we were on to something and could start something similar to help protect our own state's environment in a tongue-in-cheek way.  Rather than raise awareness about littering, we set up our company to donate a certain percent of the proceeds to Minnesota environmental charities.  The most exciting part is you get to pick which organization your purchase helps out, and we currently have a dozen MN charities to choose from at checkout!

The default charity is Friends of the Headwaters as we both have fond memories of spending childhood summers in the Lake Itasca area and want to do our part to help protect this for our children and generations to come.  If you have a Minnesota charity you would like us to add, please send us a note and we will check it out!

We are also excited to announce that through the end of the year, we will be doubling the donation amount! Place your order between now and December 31st, and we will donate 20% of the proceeds of your order to the charity of your choice!


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