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Save the USPS! And Save $ on a MNIMALIST Hat While You're At It.

We're doing a $10 hat promo in honor of the US Postal Service! During these challenging times, the importance of our front-line workers has become even more visible.  Many people are working hard to keep us safe and provide the services we need, including health care workers, grocery store employees, sanitation workers, farmers and delivery people like those employed by the United States Postal Service. Did you know the USPS delivers nearly 150 billion mail pieces annually?  That's about 47% of the world's mail!  We were inspired by Minneapolis artist, Mark Rivard, and his Postal Express Project, and wanted to do something similar to show our support for the USPS.  We rely on USPS for our business needs and understand what a...

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Introducing our new Sustainable Snapbacks collection made from recycled plastic bottles

It seems a bit trivial to launch a new product right now, so rather than a traditional product launch we have decided to do something different.  We are very fortunate to be able run MNIMALIST Goods as a passion project, and ever since we started our main goal has been to use this company as a vehicle for good.  We know many people are in difficult and uncertain situations, so are hoping to do something to help, no matter how small.  With that in mind, we will be launching our new line of "Sustainable Snapbacks" on a "Pay What You Want" model, through the end of March and while supplies last.  The standard price for each recycled hat is $28, but...

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Scandinavian Minimalist-inspired design.  Celebrating Minnesota.  🌲  🌊 Committed to sustainability. ♻️   Our logo is a true representation of our ideals: The lettering was inspired by Scandinavian Minimalist design and reduces the M and N to their simplest forms.  The ⭐️ represents the North Star and our love for Minnesota.  The blue is for our 10,000 lakes, and the green represents the Northwoods 🌲 The circle represents sustainability and the infinite loop of recycling ♻️ The circle also represents Planet Earth and reminds us what we do at home in MN has greater impacts across the globe.  🌎 

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