Some exciting things are in the works behind the scenes here...

First off, we have decided to re-brand as MNIMALIST!  We will still keep the "Don't Mess with Minnesota, Please" motto as that is core to what we do and believe, but feel that MNIMALIST fits our company better. MNIMALISM is a lifestyle, and is a way to connect our love for the Minimalist movement with our love for Minnesota.  MNIMALIST represents many things: minimalist design, working to have a minimal impact on the environment, and enjoying the simple things that make Minnesota great.  

In line with creating a minimal impact on the environment, we are very excited and proud to announce our new line of sustainably sourced apparel  made of 100% recycled materials!   Plastic bottles are used to create new yarn and then turned into T-shirts.  These shirts are manufactured in the USA, Haiti and Guatemala in sustainable, fair-wage facilities.  New designs created in Minneapolis will be the first to feature these sustainable materials, and these looks all highlight the Minimalist ethos of the company.  Inspired by Scandinavian minimalist design, the new line champions everything that is great about our state: from its lakes and natural parks to the many artists and creative people that inhabit its borders.  


New designs officially launch on Black Friday, with deals of up to 40% off for Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Stay tuned over the next few days for sneak peaks of the new designs!

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