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Give A DaMN!

Throughout the month of November, we will be working to raise awareness around the issues facing Minnesota’s natural environment, and raising money to help local organizations working hard to protect our great state. November is the month of Thanksgiving, and one of the key tenants of MNimalism is being grateful for what we have in this great state, so it’s no mistake we chose this month to run our #GiveADaMN campaign. All month long, we will be upping our commitment to charity and GIVING 50% OF ALL SALES to the great MN environmental charities we work with. You have the power to help the organization that is important to you with the ability to select the charity your purchase helps support at...

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Why the name MNIMALIST? What is “Minimalist” about a clothing company?

The name derives from our love of Minnesota and Minimalism. We combined the two and turned Minimalism into MNimalism! •MINNESOTA LOVE: All the designs celebrate MN and the simple things that make our state so great. We believe in supporting small, local companies whenever possible and keeping our money in the community. 10% of all proceeds go to one of 12 MN environmental charities YOU choose from at check out. •MINIMALISM: Minimalist design: Our logo and lettering is influenced by Scandinavian minimalist design. The lettering was inspired by Scandi modern Minimalist design and reduces the M and N to their simplest forms. The state logo breaks our boundaries down into 4 simple triangles.  •MINIMAL IMPACT: 100% recycled shirts are made...

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Scandinavian Minimalist-inspired design.  Celebrating Minnesota.  🌲  🌊 Committed to sustainability. ♻️   Our logo is a true representation of our ideals: The lettering was inspired by Scandinavian Minimalist design and reduces the M and N to their simplest forms.  The ⭐️ represents the North Star and our love for Minnesota.  The blue is for our 10,000 lakes, and the green represents the Northwoods 🌲 The circle represents sustainability and the infinite loop of recycling ♻️ The circle also represents Planet Earth and reminds us what we do at home in MN has greater impacts across the globe.  🌎 

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8 plastic bottles = 1 MNIMALIST shirt

Minimalist Design, Minimal Impact. We are committed to making our products more sustainable and doing more to help reduce plastic pollution, so we are extremely proud of the fact our 100% recycled shirts are made from discarded water bottles and salvaged cotton. Each MNIMALIST sustainable shirt comes from 8 post-consumer plastic bottles, shredded into flakes, which is then melted into pellets. The pellets are then extruded into yarn that is knitted, cut and sewn into one super-soft tee. The printing process minimizes dyes, completely eliminates plastic packaging, and significantly reduces the use of chemicals, water, and energy. Check our our entire line of sustainable apparel here. We still have a long way to go on this journey of reducing our impact,...

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World Ocean Day!

Today is World Oceans Day! Even though there are no oceans in our great state (sorry, Lake Superior doesn’t count!), we are still dependent on, and affected by, the world’s oceans and their health. At MNIMALIST, we are committed to a minimal impact lifestyle and ask for your support in doing all we can to support our oceans and marine life.  

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